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  • With the end of 2018, nearly seventy members of the Women’s Business Association from Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai and Marijampole gathered at the Lithuanian National Philharmonics, to listen to the concert, to share moments of a successful year and to enjoy the time meeting together.

    The concert called “Nobody will love you as I do!” was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania, and expressed the path of the Lithuanian nation, which has flourished in the last hundred years and has been marked with a variety of different events.

    The Kaunas State Choir, conducted by Maestro Petras Bingelis, performed Lithuanian songs, by thematically matched with expressive text interlacings by reader actor Dainius Swobonas. As if we were traveling in time – along with the heroes of that era, we were glad, we laughed, we tore tears …

    Vidmantas Bartulis, the creator of the program and the text, calls the genre of this concert project a freely-considered documentary, based on historical-patriotic themes. The program texts are based on real facts, case studies and horrific fate.

    There were many surprises waiting for the participants of the event …

    After the concert, we had the opportunity to communicate with the director and conductor of the Kaunas State Choir, Petras Bingelis and with the actor Dainius Swabonas.

    Chairwoman of the Board dr. Dalia Foigt-Norvaisiene congratulated the participants of the event, thanked them for staying together and wished everyone much more love … Participants of the event received the nice red lipsticks as a gift from the Association.

    A charismatic former White House photographer Ludo Segers made a really impressive photo session using the best palces of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall!

    The founder and memberof BWA, Alma Ziziliauskiene, completely surprised collegues by dansing the sensational rumba with her dance partner…

    And in the end Jolanta Valaikiene, owner of the company “Bijola”, presented to the ladies the huge impressive cake, decorated with three fireworks – just as many years the association will celebrate on December 21st.

    What the changes are currently taking place in the global business? Wich of them we are facing today, and which will appear soon, just a decade later? How must we to prepare for these changes?

    This time meeting of the Association of Women’s Business took place in another, academic, environment – at Vilnius University Business School. Birute Miskiniene, rector of the University, who is in charge of the school for two years now, warmly welcomed business ladies, and shared her carier at the University story.

    While many universities have recently recorded a decreasing number of students, VU Business School, thanks to B.Miskiniene and her team, doubled the number of students. In order to reach good results and renewal, management of the school must to take unpopular decisions, for example, to dismiss a part of the employees.

    More and more students are coming from family businesses.

    The lecturer at the VU VM, associate professor Sarunas Maciulis, also widely known as a consultant, negotiator, conflict and changes management consultant and mediator, presented the topic “The businessman / entrepreneur of tomorrow: challenges and opportunities”.

    If the “businessman” is perceived as a person who simply “makes” a business, then the concept of “entrepreneur” is much broader. It is the person who first sees new opportunities and creates new businesses.

    Why it is so important to understand the context in which the world moves? In order to keep going. And with the help of our insights, we have to stop investment in a business spheres or professions that will soon no longer be meaningful, but need to re-direct our efforts to new activities, we never did before. The lecturer advised not only to think “how to increase own business 10 times,” but first of all to look carefully at the new business opportunities.

    We can see already how the industry “revolution” is changing the world. Many businesses and professions that were still alive a half a century ago, are about to disappear, have disappeared or are changing substantially.

    And the new, 4th industrial revolution, which brings an incredible range of artificial intelligence capabilities, will have even greater influence. For example, already now artificial intelligence is capable of taking over f.e. the functions of qualified lawyers.

    According to Oxford University futurological forecasts, by the year 2034, almost 50% of workers will lose their jobs, simply because their occupations will be performed by high-quality robots at that time.

    Major changes await the transport sector: the personal transport is very close to the end of its exsisting.

    You can check here if your profession will dissapear or will be changed.

    At Business Women’s Association event, Margarita Pilkienė, one of the strongest ISM lecturers, spoke on the theme “Classics and Innovation in Personnel Management”. The speaker welcomed the large-scale business women’s audience and stressed the importance of knowledge sharing and development.

    The lecturer discussed the most relevant functions of the personel, such as the introduction of new employees, further motivation, and its maintenance.  In larger companies, is important to have different people, such as the strategist, the agent of changes, the head of administration, the employee champion, who directly communicates with them.  One person can not do everything, various functions of the activity need different skills, distribution of activities.

    The Classics are still alive. Specialization is actual at the Classics. It is very important to know exactly what is happening in the organization (diagnosis), and which direction the organisation moves.  After 20 years, the integrated role will be more important, the wide view to the universe. It will be important to invest in employees’ activities and apply various new programs. Everything has its cost. In order to calculate the investment result, data analysts will be required.

    The learning objectives will change, instead of chaotic learning. Employee loyalty, engagement, personal responsibility, employer’s and company image formation, and high work standards will become even more important.

    Flexibility in work and confidence in it are important. Lithuania currently has the lowest confidence index, which also affects labor relations. In the future, mentoring will be on both sides – not only the younger will learn from the older people, but also older from the younger. Openness and transparency are also very important.

    The strategy is the center of everything. As a good manager, we have to bypass all corners of the company. We have continuosly learn from failures and implement changes.

    The speaker presented examples of Innovation in Personnel Management:

    • SAS: antistress program. Free Zone Project.
    • Google: Leisure, Play Area, free massage courses.
    • Nissan: It’s back to the model when executives are choosing employees themselves.
    • Linkedin: Work hard – play hard. Creativity Day once a month.
    • Boston consulting group: promotes openness.
    • Ford: Improving communication by eliminating emotions based only on facts.
    • Rolls Roys: Trainee Program.

    Popular Practices in Lithuania:

    • Perception of a psychological contract: what do we expect from each other? People are hoping for one, leaders for different. Communication helps to avoid misunderstandings.
    • Gamification
    • Socio-criticism: (general decision-making)
    • Shadowing: production and trade specialists cooperate, exchange information. Interaction between different sections.
    • Team building.

    New – is well forgotten old. Not necessarily new is the best solutions.  Motivational tools and stress relief must be implemented at work, not not an employee’s leisure account.

    About lecturer:


    Organization Psychology Program Manager, Psychologist

    Taught at the ISM Executive School Leadership School, leads the Applied Psychology programs, takes part in international research leadership and research projects, conducts research in organizations, focuses on leadership in psychology, advises companies on management and personnel management, provides coaching Consultation, Business Case Studies.

    During the event insights were shared by the editor of the daily newspaper “Lietuvos zinios” Ramunas Terleckas, journalist, etiquette expert Giedrius Drukteinis and initiator of the “Lemiamas suolis”, chairman of the board of “Blockchain Center Vilnius” Paulius Kuncinas.

    The editor of the daily newspaper R. Terleckas opened the backstage of media work for women and gave tips on how to communicate effectively in order to create the best not only business but also personal image when communicating with journalists. Paulius Kuncinas, who has been observing the traditions of business organization in many countries, told about unwritten rules for women’s participation that exist in different countries or even continents.

    Etiquette expert G. Drukteinis stressed the point that women should not always be strong, and let men sometimes relax.  At the end of the event, its participants were surprised. Read article published in the daily newspaper “Lietuvos žinios” here> (lithuanian language only)

    © Lietuvos žinios

    Taking care of the health of employees is mutually beneficial: it helps to prevent a variety of risk factors and increase work ability for the employee, and the company gains a better reputation and improves the efficiency of its business.

    Professional burnout. Trap for a person and organization.

    Speaker: Valerija Buzeniene, Personnel management expert, lecturer, member of BWA

    Valerija has told that burnout at work costs a lot for both parties. By statistical calculations employers are costing hundreds of billions of euros. The speaker said that the burnout problem is particularly common among medical staff, teachers, specialists working with clients, and of course managers, executives. What is burning down, and what can be done to keep employees away from burning? How the employer can help? We must not forget to thank for the good work, to motivate, to work more efficiently using new technologies, to make a rest properly. Mail on holiday – do not interfere employees on holidays. He / she has the right to rest from work during holidays, after work, and at weekends. Not only is work a priority. The managers must also set an example and not work off work.

    Health concept at work. Good practice in the SPA VILNIUS company.

    Speaker: Lina Nosevic, SPA VILNIUS Development Manager, member of BWA

    Lina Nosevic briefly presented the good health practice at SPA Vilnius. Attempts are made to prevent employees from over-work, they do not work overtime. The presenter reiterated that holidays are very important for every working person. The companys is practicing exercises. Some events on wellness with different speakers are organised in the company. At the end of the event, Lina introduced Liucija, a professional massage specialist, who created a self-massage program in the company, and demonstrated it to the participants of the event. This lesson has received a great interest from BWA members.


    Recently, it is increasingly emphasized that the future of any business will depend on the relationship we maintain with our employees and whether we will be able to be a smart and motivated employer. So, let’s be the kind of employer whose employees are happy to do their job.

    July 16th in the afternoon Members of the Women’s Business Association met in a traditional monthly event at Radisson Astoria Hotel. This time members of the association Katerina Pavlidi, Indrė Dargytė, Verutė Vitkevičienė and Rima Balanaškienė, as well as the guest of the event Gintaras Gavėnas, consultant of management, shared their business success stories.
    The discussion was moderated by Dalia Foigt-Norvaišienė, Chairwoman of the Board. Discussion topics: How important is the success in business, how much business is affected by failures and jealousy, how to overcome obstacles, learn from the mistakes; what are the differences between men and women in their careers; which are the differences in business tradition between global and local markets; how important is the sharing of business profit with employees and society; how to efficiently form a company team and motivate it. Many thanks to all the participants of the event and photographer Ludo Segers.

    Kaip efektyviai bendradarbiauti su VMI

    Members of Business Women’s Association met with the head of the State Tax Inspectorate Mr. Edita Janušienė.

    The honorable speaker shared the results of the STI in the past year, introduced the vision, priorities and future work of her supervised institution.

    E. Janušienė

    Business women there adored by Mr. Edita’s strategic thinking, broad approach and positive attitude to collaborate with business. STI is in good hands.

    In the end of the end an active question answering session was taking place.


    April 9th in the afternoon, the women of Business Women’s Association gathering actively a general meeting of members.

    The chairman of the board, Dalia Foigt-Norvaišienė, told about the activities of the association of the previous period, director of the association Rima Ingstad spoke about future plans and works, and the director of the accounting company „Baltoji buhalterija“ presented the financial statements of the company and the budget for the coming year.

    A discussion was held on the development of the Association’s activities.

    At the end of the event, women were actively presenting each other their services and sharing their contacts. There was a buffee, communication, exchange of ideas.

    Event photographer: Ludo Segers.

    Meeting the Eastern holidays, the members of BWA the second time already gathered to a traditional Easter event.

    Aloyzas Volskis, a priest of the Zverynas parish, told us about the Easter holiday meaning and celebration. Priest Aloyzas has worked in Catholic parishes in Canada and the United States. Mr Aloyzas told us how he chose the path of the priest, under what circumstances he had to work abroad for 21 years. It was impressive to hear about the ability of the priest to react quickly to suggestions he met on his path, to meet the right people, thus enriching his professional activities and improving his personality. Not all entrepreneurs have such an intuition and quick reaction.

    The member of BWA Aiste Svetkauske presented briefly her way from the work as a banker to the establishment of a healthy food promotion company “Good food studio”. Interestingly and elegantly, Aiste showed how to make healthy the main Easter dish – eggs with healthy flavors, using healthy mayonnaise. Such eggs suits both to gourmet and traditional cuisine.

    BWA member Elzbieta Monkevic, the editor of the magazine “Verdu Kepu”, told how to prepare the Easter table without worrying, in keeping with the latest trends in cooking. Elzbieta reminded us that it is not necessary to make a lot of food; it is important that it is made with love and accuracy. It is necessary to have time to talk with close people at the festive table, and at the same time enjoy the holidays. If there is too much of food, do not offer it to those who have too much of it, but share it with those who are in need. Elzbieta gave us the Easter cake, a wonderful naturally made black current taste marshmallow and very tasty jelly sweets.

    Some moments from the event: