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  • On December 7-9, 2018, by the invitation of the International Women’s Forum, a delegation from the BWA (Business Women’s Association) was represented in Warsaw, with nine members of the association – the founders and business leaders. Women attended the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation: the Role of Women, which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the International Women’s Forum this year at the International MFK (Międzynarodowe Forum Kobiet).

    The Lithuanian Women’s Business Association with the Polish Association of Business and Science Women’s Association “International Women’s Forum” brings a very warm relationship, dating back to 2016, when representatives of the Polish organization visited our country. Since then, the representatives of both organizations have visited several times more than once, as well as constantly exchanging business contacts, seeking cooperation opportunities.

    This year, organizing this event, honorable IWF President Ewa Ruminska-Zimny ​​and IWF International Relations Officer Joanna Szostek planned a very comprehensive and versatile program for their participants – a broad cultural program was also introduced. The participants of the event there especially impressed by the State Opera, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing performance of Madame Baterfly by Giacomo Puccini.

    During the conference, our representatives did hear many inspirational speeches, participated in interesting discussions. Member of the Board of VMA Ana Zlotkovka participated in the discussion about international business development, where she shared her experience working in business relations in Poland.  The MCF maintains close ties with similar women’s associations in Germany and Macedonia. The Polish representatives promised us to be invited to join the joint events. BWA delegates there particularly impressed meeting with Mrs. Jolanta Kwasniewska – the great impression was left by her sincere and simple communication. Rita Bartkeviciene, one of Lithianian delegates, said: “this is an amazing, charismatic, warm and very intelligent personality, which also is a true example of an active woman”. It was very interesting to hear the story of the first Polish lady about the time when her husband became the President of Poland, about the first ladies meetings, her own business … ” During the event, Polish women talked openly about their business experience, student care, StartUps … For example, they said that in Poland only 3 proc. of women owns StartUp companies, so they would like to increase this number. Our representatives were surprised by the active communion of the forum with the science and students, and how much attention they devoted to the young generation, and especially to the young girls …

    While speaking informally, Polish representatives were also interested in how well our organization is doing. They were happy to share their thoughts on how we can benefit from college poles over many years of experience in organizing activities, organizing conferences and B2B meetings, participating in mentoring programs, and promoting science. Congratulatulating e International Women’s Forum on the occasion of the honorable 25th anniversary, our representatives presented to the Polish organization a memorial gift – a relief graphic painting “Dream tree”, which has the front line “Let your dreams come true”.

    And in the evening part of the event, at the festive dinner, which took place in the Royal Palace, BWA delegates, dressed in Lithuanian national clothes, read the poems of Tomas Venclova in two languages ​​- Lithuanian and Polish. The poem was presented to the President of the MFA, Mrs. Ewa Ruminska-Zimny, with the author’s signature. According to Skaidra Vaicekauskiene, Member of the Board of BWA, “this trip was not only a great opportunity to start new contacts in Poland and to spend an interesting time at the Christmas period in Warsaw, but also to represent our organization at an international event.”

    Photos – Katarzyna Rainka