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  • Extract from the Articles of Association of the Business Women’s Association

    2.1. The field of the Association’s activity – development of professional knowledge and personality of Lithuanian women entrepreneurs, active involvement in public and social activity and representation of these women in seeking the realization of their ambitions and interests.
    2.2. The aims of the Association in representing interests of members of the Association are:
    2.2.1. to foster and bolster women’s entrepreneurship, as well as their involvement in the economic sphere;
    2.2.2. to seek assurance of the principle of equal opportunities in business by enhancing the impact of women entrepreneurs in business self-governance;
    2.2.3. to strengthen mutual cooperation, partnership and assistance among women – in sharing experience, exchanging useful information;
    2.2.4. to provide women with a possibility to advance knowledge in different discussions, conferences, seminars and trainings;
    2.2.5. to foster women to make business decisions more actively;
    2.2.6. to take care of the quality of women’s life in society as well as the expression of their personality in the private space;
    2.2.7. to foster women’s self-confidence, creativity, non-traditional thinking;
    2.2.8. to look for new market possibilities, i.e. to focus on the development of women’s business in searching for new business ties;
    2.2.9. to represent interests of the Association’s members in different institutions;
    2.2.10. to disseminate information about members of the Association on different meetings, conferences, seminars arranged by European business women;
    2.2.11. to seek close cooperation with similar type international associations, and to participate in different international projects .
    2.2.12. to participate in implementing and/or to implement projects promoting women’s entrepreneurship, women’s involvement in decision-making.
    2.3. Types of activity pursued by the Association:
    2.3.1. preparation and coordination of projects, coordination of financial assistance for these projects;
    2.3.2. preparation of applications and participation in projects organized by EU structural funds and other organizations;
    2.3.3. organization of business events;
    2.3.4. consulting business and other management activity;
    2.3.5. activities of customized information services;
    2.3.6. education and training.