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  • Date of event: 2016-12-12

    On a chilly yet sunny Monday afternoon Business Women’s Association members walked the crispy snow for a traditional pre-Christmas gathering to see out the passing year and to welcome the most beautiful holidays of the year wishing each other a very prosperous upcoming 2017!

    The participants were greeted by classical melodies performed by Aistė Birvydaitė (violin) and Kęstutis Pleita (viola) from The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre orchestra.

    Kristina Sviderskaitė, the Lithuanian fashion brand “Savitas Stilius” designer, has spoken to the attendees covering the topic of a “Formalwear adaptation in everyday life and on special occasions”. She has shared some practical advice and visually illustrated various apparel combinations, which are relevant to each active woman often in need to gather all her keen wits in order to quickly transform a clothing style throughout the day.

    The designers of “Savitas Stilius” have presented some of their knitwear creations followed by Q&A session.

    The visit of the astrologist Palmira Kelertienė caused a great interest and many hopeful questions. The woman presented the next year’s general astrological forecast, pointing out what are the 2017 challenges for different signs of the zodiac, gave numerous valuable tips on how to understand and assess astrological forecasts.

    As the end of the year approaches Vaida Balčiūnienė, the director of the Business Women’s Association, thanked the most active members of the organization.

    In the course of the event it was also announced about the change of BWA directors. For more on that, please, visit our website’s “news” section.

    During the final part of the event the members of the Business Women’s Association were exchanging symbolic gifts. Lots of cozy and sincere wishes were heard and genuine warmth and gratitude were handed out for being together…