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  • Date of event: 2017-02-20

    This meeting of the Business Women’s Association was dedicated for meaningful changes – after all, the upcoming spring always enables the desire to relive and grow …

    An Entrepreneur, business consultant, politician, PhD in physics and mathematics Aleksandras Abišala began his speech with the question of whether the majority of participating in the meeting of entrepreneurs, business owners have clearly described their business strategy?

    Since only several hands were raised, the conversation naturally turned to definition of strategy in theoretical terms. A.Abišala provided good arguments supporting the importance of strategical planning for every company or organization in order to enhance effectiveness of the business activity. The members of BWA especially were interested in strategy development processes, assumptions for collection of information for full plan and practical examples. In the middle of the presentations, rather interesting discussion developed about involvement of employees into the strategy development processes and the competences of the head in introduction or flexible adaptation of long-term plans under changing business conditions. The topic on changes was further developed by the second speaker – the member of BWA Lina Lukinienė who is a professional business consultant, and long-time worked in the financial sector. Her report was more dedicated for personal development, investment into personal well-being and health.


    Aromatherapy – is a branch of an alternative medicine, when treatment is carried out with essential oils and other aromatic substances. Lina has been especially interested in aromatherapy treatments for some time and honestly shared her discoveries with other members of the Association. The meeting participants had a unique opportunity to experience pure peppermint, sage or extraordinary frankincense essential oils, to learn about the unique properties of essential oils and their application possibilities, oil mixtures for different health needs.

    The meeting time quickly melted away… The member hastened to return to daily activities, but left the meeting, as always, with new ideas, inspired and meaningfully spent Monday lunch in the circle of congenial.