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  • Date of event: 2018-09-17

    Location of event: Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, 35/2 Didžioji St., Vilnius

    Taking care of the health of employees is mutually beneficial: it helps to prevent a variety of risk factors and increase work ability for the employee, and the company gains a better reputation and improves the efficiency of its business.

    Professional burnout. Trap for a person and organization.

    Speaker: Valerija Buzeniene, Personnel management expert, lecturer, member of BWA

    Valerija has told that burnout at work costs a lot for both parties. By statistical calculations employers are costing hundreds of billions of euros. The speaker said that the burnout problem is particularly common among medical staff, teachers, specialists working with clients, and of course managers, executives. What is burning down, and what can be done to keep employees away from burning? How the employer can help? We must not forget to thank for the good work, to motivate, to work more efficiently using new technologies, to make a rest properly. Mail on holiday – do not interfere employees on holidays. He / she has the right to rest from work during holidays, after work, and at weekends. Not only is work a priority. The managers must also set an example and not work off work.

    Health concept at work. Good practice in the SPA VILNIUS company.

    Speaker: Lina Nosevic, SPA VILNIUS Development Manager, member of BWA

    Lina Nosevic briefly presented the good health practice at SPA Vilnius. Attempts are made to prevent employees from over-work, they do not work overtime. The presenter reiterated that holidays are very important for every working person. The companys is practicing exercises. Some events on wellness with different speakers are organised in the company. At the end of the event, Lina introduced Liucija, a professional massage specialist, who created a self-massage program in the company, and demonstrated it to the participants of the event. This lesson has received a great interest from BWA members.


    Recently, it is increasingly emphasized that the future of any business will depend on the relationship we maintain with our employees and whether we will be able to be a smart and motivated employer. So, let’s be the kind of employer whose employees are happy to do their job.