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  • Date of event: 2017-03-20

    On 20 March 2017 in Vilnius, the general meeting of members of Business Women‘s Association was held.

    The Chairperson of the board of the association Dalia Foigt-Norvaišienė presented the board report of the previous period and the Director of the association Rima Ingstad – the operational guidelines of March 2017 – February 2018. The meeting agreed on the presented guidelines of activities submitted by the Director of the association and also discussed the upcoming works, events and projects.

    The meeting confirmed the financial statement of 2016 which was submitted by Rasita Juodkazienė who was in capacity of the accountant in the year 2016.

    The participants also actively discussed on the budget project for 2017 which was presented by the current accountant of the association Sonata Stanislovaitienė.

    Upon the decision of the meeting, the address of the association was changed into Ratnyčios 58, Vilnius.

    There were elected two new members of the Board. There were several candidates and under the procedure of a secret ballot, the majority was collected by Ana Zlotkovska and Skaidra Vaicekauskienė who became new members of the Board. The full list of the heads of the BWA can be found here >>.

    Robertas Dargis, the president of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, gave a speech during the event. He discussed such topics as global demographic change, massing of the world‘s population to the cities, megacities and also talked about education situation in Lithuania, answered the questions of the participants of the event in respect of development of real estate in Lithuania.

    At the end of the event, the members of BWA had an opportunity to communicate with each other and share their experiences and news.