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  • Date of event: 2018-11-19

    Location of event: VU Verslo mokykla, Saulėtekio al. 22, Vilnius

    What the changes are currently taking place in the global business? Wich of them we are facing today, and which will appear soon, just a decade later? How must we to prepare for these changes?

    This time meeting of the Association of Women’s Business took place in another, academic, environment – at Vilnius University Business School. Birute Miskiniene, rector of the University, who is in charge of the school for two years now, warmly welcomed business ladies, and shared her carier at the University story.

    While many universities have recently recorded a decreasing number of students, VU Business School, thanks to B.Miskiniene and her team, doubled the number of students. In order to reach good results and renewal, management of the school must to take unpopular decisions, for example, to dismiss a part of the employees.

    More and more students are coming from family businesses.

    The lecturer at the VU VM, associate professor Sarunas Maciulis, also widely known as a consultant, negotiator, conflict and changes management consultant and mediator, presented the topic “The businessman / entrepreneur of tomorrow: challenges and opportunities”.

    If the “businessman” is perceived as a person who simply “makes” a business, then the concept of “entrepreneur” is much broader. It is the person who first sees new opportunities and creates new businesses.

    Why it is so important to understand the context in which the world moves? In order to keep going. And with the help of our insights, we have to stop investment in a business spheres or professions that will soon no longer be meaningful, but need to re-direct our efforts to new activities, we never did before. The lecturer advised not only to think “how to increase own business 10 times,” but first of all to look carefully at the new business opportunities.

    We can see already how the industry “revolution” is changing the world. Many businesses and professions that were still alive a half a century ago, are about to disappear, have disappeared or are changing substantially.

    And the new, 4th industrial revolution, which brings an incredible range of artificial intelligence capabilities, will have even greater influence. For example, already now artificial intelligence is capable of taking over f.e. the functions of qualified lawyers.

    According to Oxford University futurological forecasts, by the year 2034, almost 50% of workers will lose their jobs, simply because their occupations will be performed by high-quality robots at that time.

    Major changes await the transport sector: the personal transport is very close to the end of its exsisting.

    You can check here if your profession will dissapear or will be changed.