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  • Date of event: 2018-03-09

    Location of event: Hotel „Radisson Blu Royal Astorija", Didžioji g. 35/2, Vilnius

    At the traditional event that has already been organized for the third time by the Business Women’s Association in partnership with the Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel, its success stories has been shared by:

    Dovilė Grigienė, CEO at “Swedbank”;

    Aušrinė Armonaitė, the young politician, member of the Liberal party, parliamentarian;

    Dalia Foigt-Norvaišienė, the Chairwoman of Business Women’s Association, the lawyer at “Cobalt” firm;

    Rūta Pumputienė, the lawyer and partner at Rūtos Pumputienės law firm;

    Aurelija Juškevičienė, Personnel Manager at Antakalnis clinic, For many years, who previously was the head of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

    The discussion was moderated by Nomeda Kazlaus, a well-known opera singer, the leader of the TV show “The Sounding Worlds”.

    Have we considered whether women’s leadership depends on parental upbringing or school-based values? How is our daily routine influenced by the working environment, the state’s historical and cultural traditions? How to educate your children? To copy men in the clothing and behavior, or perhaps the opposite, emphasize femininity? All the wise, professional and beautiful women who participated in the discussion, turned out to be simple and warm.

    The atmosphere of the event was very festive, as we were preparing to celebrate March 11th.

    The moments were captured by a former White House photographer who earlier was photografing President Obama and his family, Ludo Segers. http://www.ludosegersphotography.com/

    Juozas Kabašinskas, Head of the “UK Beer House” and a connoisseur of cognac, whiskey and champagne, organized a champagne tasting for the participants of the event.

    The Rezidor Hotel Group, which includes the Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel, promotes the Women in Leadership program, whose mission is to encourage women to reach the highest levels of their career. This event is intended to start disseminating this message to Lithuanian women, encouraging them to not hesitate and seek career advancement, go establish and develop business and become active members of society.

    Event photos: © Ludo Segers